Monday, August 20, 2012

Household notebook part 1

Well finally the kids are back to school and its time to get life in order again...
so I have decided a household binder would be a great fit for my family.Ive seen several blogs that have giving me lots of inspiration :) I will try to put links as I go. I just started making list and breaking them down in to daily/weekly/monthly.I think this will be a great way to manage my time and home!!

So far I'm useing a regular notebook till I get the list exactally where I want them :)
This is a list of what i am using so far:

Cleaning Sections are.....
Daily List
Weekly List
Monthly List
Semi/Yearly List
Kids Chores
My Honey do List
De-clutter List (all problem areas in my home)

Dates to Remember Section....
Monthly Pages(for appointments and such)
Birthday Lists
Birthday party planner

Contact Section....
Phone Numbers
School info
Doctor info

Inspiration section...
Blog ideas
Craft Ideas

Cooking section....
Recipes to try
Favorite recipes
Dinner menu
Grocery list

Finances Section...
Ebay Tracker
Yard sell tracker (gotta have one as I de-clutter)

Most of what I have came up with came from  Simplemom She has a lot of great ideas and I love how she uses a notebook rather than a binder.So now I'm on a mission to find the cheapest place to have my stuff printed and binded Ill keep ya posted on that as well.I have found several blogs that offer free printable's for your notebook ill share those this week along with picture as I go along.

If you have any ideas please let me know and ill share them on my Blog and link back to yours as well....

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